Friday, 26 May 2017

Ian Khama -- My Role Model and Hero in Life

It has to be said right here and now that Botswana is blessed to have Ian Khama as its President.

Ian Khama is the best Conservationist minded President Botswana has ever had.

Africa is a Blessed Continent to have a "First Class Statesman" in Ian Khama.

A Little about him now :

Ian Khama was educated in the United Kingdom completely and graduated from Sandhurst Military School -- A Prestigious Institute in the United Kingdom.

Some years ago, Ian Khama returned to Botswana to head its armed forces. He has been twice elected and voted in as the President of Botswana by the people of Botswana.

Ian Khama is deeply concerned about the health, safety, and welfare of various wild denizens in Botswana but specially Vast Elephant Herds, White Rhinos, and last but not the least Cheetahs.

To protect them, He instituted and created the Botswana Defence Force or BDF in short to protect wildlife effectively in Botswana.

Ian Khama lastly is also concerned about the economic prosperity of Botswana, namely its Diamond Mining Business and Beef Export Business.

It is due to him that Botswana is an Upper Middle Level Income Country.

I like him a lot as He is a "Strict Disciplinarian". 

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