Friday, 10 March 2017

Northern Right Whales -- Magnificent Whales on the brink of extinction

Introduction :

Northern Right Whales are Whales that are magnificent in more ways than one. Their Social and Family History is rich with examples of caring, helpfulness, co-existence, and leadership through the thick and thin of life.

Their numbers have yet to recover from 5 centuries of relentless mass slaughter. Perhaps 500 of these Whales exist in the deep oceans that cover the earth.

They go about swimming from the waters of Boston's and Cape Cod's Coastline to give birth to young ones off the South Eastern Coast of the States of Georgia and Florida respectively.

Whalers from various countries in the Far East have been slaughtering these Whales for decades for their oil, meat, bone, and baleen.

Very often, Northern Right Whales in the recent past have been killed by large Merchant Navy Ships on the High Seas.

This has occurred even in areas where they breed regularly.

Another Problem for them is getting entangled in Fishing Nets of Fishermen who make a living on the High Seas.

Breeding and Eating Habits :

Female Northern Right Whales are ready to produce young whales between the age of 8-10 years. The average weight of Northern Right Whales is between 35,000 - 70,000 kilos.

Most Male and Female Northern Right Whales are between 10-15 metres in length.

Their diet mostly consists of various kinds of Sea Plankton, Krill, and Schools of small fish like herring.

Conclusion :

Northern Right Whales that are mostly found all along the Eastern Sea Board of the United States face a multitude of threats.

The most common being collisions with Deep Sea Trawlers and getting caught in Gill Nets and various kinds of fishing nets.

Only "No Fishing Zones" in their immediate calving and feeding areas can save them for posterity.

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