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Bryde's Whales -- Giant Mermaids of the Indian Ocean

Introduction :

Bryde's Whales that live in and around the Indian Ocean belong to the Family of "Baleen Whales" which includes a number of "Rorqual Whales" such as Blue Whales.

Bryde's Whales have been observed in the recent past in Pods of 4 Whales each off the Coastal Waters of Ratnagiri District in Maharashtra State in the company of "Behemoth"  Blue Whales.

Bryde's Whales are frequently found in warm tropical and sub-tropical Oceanic Waters.

They feed on a variety of Fish found in the Open Ocean like Salmon, Tuna, Mackerel, and specially Krill which makes up a major proportion of their diet.

They normally weigh anything between 10 Tonnes -40 Tonnes. They are normally 13-16 metres in length when they are fully grown adults.

Bryde's Whales that are Male are normally smaller in size than Females. This can be observed all over their range in the Indian Ocean.

Bryde's Whales have between 40-70 Pleats around the region of their bodies that expand when they are feeding on Shoals of Fish and Krill.

Breeding Behaviour :

Male and Female Bryde Whales are physically mature when they are between 10-12 metres in length.

Male Bryde Whales are thought to be 10 -15 years of Age while Female Bryde Whales are thought to be between 8-10 years of age. Female Bryde Whales give birth once every 2 years and Calves are born in the Summer Season.

Conclusion :

The Biggest Challenge with regard to protecting Bryde's Whales in the Indian Ocean is protecting them from Ocean Going Merchant Ships which accidentally collide against them in the open ocean.

Another Danger is protecting them from Industrial Pollutants that are released in the open ocean.

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